The Fault in Our Stars

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You asked me what the movie is all about.

And I’m puzzled. And I think deeply. Then I know, how to answer the question of yours, shortly and crystal clear.



That’s my friend, what the movie is all about.


The movie depicts a story of one cocky son-of-a-bitch imperfect man, on chasing the smart, independent, adorable, and beautiful girl. I repeat, a man, and a girl.

The man believes he’s special, and he intends to do great things in life, and oblivion is one thing he fear the most. He loves the staring contest, and acts solely on his instinct. The world he lives in has no boundaries, in which creativity and persistence comes in handy at all times. His name’s Augustus Waters, by the way. Just in case you’re imagining me, instead of him, reading it line by line.

The girl lives with unoptimistic views on life, due to her past and her own issues. She has the best smile ever, in which comes at all times especially when she checks on her phone. Obedience isn’t one thing she’s very good at. Her mom means the world and she always obey her. Her name’s Hazel Grace Lancaster, by the way. Just in case you thought I was writing all about you.

On their first meeting, he knew she’s special and unique and all. And so does she. All the witty and absurd conversation leads to him driving her home, on the end of their first meeting. Kinda like us, don’t you think? Then they go on several dates to several places, not-so-mainstream places. Again, kinda like us, right?

Long story short, they’re both falling in love. But her issues made her build a wall between them. She knows nothing good but pain comes from it. But she believes pain demands to be felt. And there she goes.

Luckily, (or unluckily), he’s a survivor, and to surrender has never been an option, for him. He continues what he has started, loving her. And all that stuffs he did, all the impulsiveness and randomness, wreck her walls. They’re both in love. Again. They fell in love like falling asleep… slow at first, then all at once.

I don’t want to continue the rest of the story, for it would ruins places I want to go with you, moments I want to share with you, and all. Let’s write our own story! Should we?

Ah, in case you’re wondering about the ending, the man died, first. Yeah, again, it’s about us.

That’s, my friend, what the story is all about. And I hope you don’t watch the movie. Not because I think you’ll find it dull, but because I don’t want you to know the reason for something I will do, soon enough from now. Let it be a mistery, like you are to me.

There might be fault, in our stars. But not in you. Not in us. And thanks, for giving me forever, with a numbered days.

Tough pain and hurt is inevitable in life, we’re given the opt, to choose who and what that will hurt us. And I’ve given you the power to. It’s not a metaphor, this means literally.

And I love you, as always, Edira Putri Surachmat.


Jakarta, 26th of June

Okki Sutanto.

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