Joke – Clever Boy

Well, mumpung belum ada ide mao nge-post apa, gw post joke aja de..
This is such a nice joke, but don’t think that I’m a smoker because of this joke!
I’m not a SMOKER!

One evening a boy was smoking while waiting for a bus.
An elderly man came and sit right next to him.
Seeing what the young man doing,
the old man said, “Hey boy, do you know that you could have a longer life without smoking?”
The young boy thought for a while and replied, “You know what, my grandpa is 78 and lives happily until now!”
Amazed, the old man asked him, “Does he smoke?”
The young boy replied quickly, “No, he’s minding his own bloody business!”


Hayo pada ngarti kagak?
Kalo iya ketawa donk, jangan diem aja! hehehe..

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