About Binge-Watching (Or Reading)

I had a tendency to binge-watching or binge-reading since I was a kid.

When my friends tend to buy and read a japanese comic (manga) series every month, only to find themselves left hanging and curious as hell after reading it, I chose the other path. I’d let myself getting outcasted from talks about it among friends, and always binge-reading when the series was already completed. Fortunately, some manga is supposed to be endless (eg: Detective Conan or Meitantei Conan or Case Closed series), so I just read it once in a while.

The same thing happened with TV series. I binge-watching Friends a year after it completed it’s final episode. Same things with Castle, NCIS, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory, or even How I Met Your Mother.

Lately, I’ve been binge-watching Entourage TV Series. I watched the entire 8 seasons in weeks. Fortunately, the Entourage Movie is just about to premiere in my country. Talk about timing, eh?

Here’s some of the perks binge-watching or reading something, at least for me:

1. You’re more aware of the character development.
When you’re following something on a weekly or monthly basis, the changes might be too insignificant to notice. But when you’re binge-watching it, the small changes became apparent such as the character maturity, the language he/she uses, the wardrobe, or physical appearance.

2. You became more attached to the story and characters.
It’s like you’re entering their world, and can relate to one or some of it’s characters more deeply. It’s like they’re there for you everyday or the other way around. Creepy, huh?

3. Goodbye, Cliffhanger.
Needless to say.

4. No Unnecessary Thoughts or Expectation.
You don’t need to think about what should happen, which cast should be replaced or fired, who would die next, who’s the real arch-enemy, and all. You just enjoy it, as it is. No need for a confabulation.

I think there’s more. What do you think? I’ll add it later.

Recent studies find a connection between binge-watching and depression, said some researcher in University of Texas at Austin. I guess there’s a sign for us to stop binge-watching?

But it’s just an early research, right? Just let me know when the study’s completed. I’ll binge-read it and decide later.

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